If you’re hurt on the job in New York State, Workers’ Compensation Law provides a limited amount of protection, no matter the injury.

As a result of a workers’ compensation claim filed against an employer, injured employees are entitled to:

  • Payment of medical bills
  • Two-thirds of average weekly wage, paid until a worker returns to work

Because of the protection provided by Workers’ Compensation, employees are limited in trying to get other compensation for their injury from their employer. However, injured workers can receive additional compensation they deserve by filing a claim against another responsible party (a third party lawsuit), such as:

  • Owner of the property where accident occurred
  • Manufacturer of a piece of work equipment
  • General contractor on a project

Whether you need assistance with obtaining your workers’ compensation benefits, or your situation may warrant looking into a third party lawsuit, contact us so we can evaluate your case to help you get what you deserve.

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