When Western New Yorkers get hurt, they deserve a loyal legal team on their side to support them, fight for them, and—ultimately—get the best possible results.

At Maxwell Murphy, we know that personal injury affects the lives, livelihoods, and futures of people, families, and communities. That conviction guides everything we do for our clients—whether they’re dealing with injuries after construction accidents, getting back on their feet following a medical malpractice incident, or finding their way back into the workforce after time spent on disability.

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Whether you’ve been hurt on the job, in a car accident, or on a construction site, we have the experience to help, the courage to be direct about what to expect, and the tenacity to stick with our clients and cases to get the best results.

“At Maxwell Murphy, they treat you like you’re family. What’s going on with you matters.”

- Mike Dziamski

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